Company "Technotemp"

Since 2000, the "Technotemp company" has been a conductor of the manufacturer of PVC strip curtains and mechanical pendulum doors (made of soft transparent PVC or sandwich panels)

We help to solve

Reducing energy costs by 30-60%

Elimination of drafts in the operated premises

Creating a more comfortable working environment for staff

Reduction of noise level by 15 - 35 dB

Improving the sanitary condition of the premises

Protection of premises and goods from birds and flying insects

Maintaining a more stable level of the required temperature and humidity

Reducing the problem of premature spoilage of perishable food

Protection of personnel from radiation at welding stations (certain type of PVC)

Reducing the load on climatic equipment and increasing its resource

Division of space into sections with complete freedom of movement between them

Saving energy and maintaining temperature balance

“Technotemp company”

Mechanical pendulum PVC doors are used in places of heavy traffic and people, as well as in the presence of strong drafts. Passage is provided by pressing on the door leaves. Once opened, the swivel mechanism quickly returns them to their original position. They can be used in several ways.

With very intensive traffic, the lower or upper (for bakeries) part of the doors is made of reinforced rubber (type of conveyor belt 7-9 mm). This ensures good durability of the door.

With low traffic intensity, it is possible to use mechanical pendulum doors made of a single transparent sheet (5-7 mm). It is also possible to use rigid pendulum doors made of sandwich panels with a transparent window and rows of baffle plates.

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